Food and Supplements for Your Body

Everybody always asks me what herbs or supplements they should be taking. Really there is no single answer to this. Across the board Probiotics are the only thing I feel safe recommending. This is because each person's body is different and everybody's diet is different. Even something as benign as Fish Oil can be useless or counter effective if, let's say, a person has had their Gallbladder removed (which no practitioner could know without a through intake). I would like to be able to say that you are safer just eating "healthy" foods but even that cannot be said. For example, let's say someone eats a lot of green leafy vegetables, everyone thinks that this is a good move. If, however, that person has hypothyroidism than those cruciferous vegetables can actually slow the thyroid down. 

It takes a lot of attention to how you feel as an individual after eating something. I have had patients who experienced migraines after eating quinoa.

So the take away here is that there is no one size fits all supplements and no one size fits all diet.


Sarah E. Sanger