Summertime Diet

In the summertime we are all tempted by cold dishes but this can be dangerous to our digestive systems, depending on what kind of constitution we have as individuals. Salads, fruits and uncooked foods tempt us during the warm summer months, not to mention ice cream and smoothies. The danger here is that most of us don't have the internal heat to properly digest these foods even if it is hot outside. Some of us, on the other hand, can. While other people are so excess they need to incorporate more cold foods. 

How do we know if we are eating too many cold foods? Well here is where it gets a bit tricky. Some of us will actually get cold after eating these foods, which is appealing during the summer but over all damaging to the digestive system. Another, more common symptom is loose or soft stools. You can also end up with a lot of phlegm. Visit your local acupuncturist for a better assessment. 

How do you get your greens in without damaging your system? Eat them with something warming or cooked. Use ginger tea as a base for your smoothies. Include cinnamon with that cold (never iced) coffee. Eat your greens with something that is warm and has just been cooked like a chicken breast if you eat meat or astragalus fresh from the pan.

There are a thousand ways to protect your delicate digestive system from the thousands of delicious dangers out there, get creative. Feel free to email me with questions or come in for an herbal consultation.


Sarah E. Sanger