cupping and gun increase micro profusion or micro circulation at a superficial level in muscles that are stiff and congested.

$30.00 for Cupping
$30.00 for Gua Sha

Increased blood flow to muscles and surrounding tissue brings in oxygenated blood and fluids to carry out metabolic waste and deliver the components that are needed for tissue repair.  They also help to break up any superficial adhesions in the tissue that might be contributing to muscle tension and pain.  In addition to relieving pain these techniques promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, while gua sha has been shown to have an effect on the immune system. Studies on gua sha and cupping indicate that the potential effects of these two simple techniques offer more in the realm of healing then one might first imagine. 


Cupping is an ancient method to release the muscle layer, much like massage, but instead of pushing stagnant toxins (the byproducts of ATP) in to the body to be processed, it pulls the toxins out to the exterior. This movement to the exterior allows for the toxins to be released out instead of in. Especially useful in dealing with difficult to treat body pain. This process is generally relaxing and enjoyable.

Cupping can be described as somewhat like a reverse massage. Instead of pushing the muscles into the body to get them to relax, suction is used to gently pull the muscle tissue upward to help it release.  Specially designed cups are used to create suction through the use of heat or a vacuum device. Once the cups are in place the suction draws new blood to the site, increasing circulation to help release tight muscles, reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. During the cupping process painless bruise-like markings know as "sha" often appear on the skin that dissipate in a few days.

There are different styles of cupping that are used depending on the situation.  Cupping does wonders for a tight IT band.  It can help unlock a frozen shoulder and relieve the cough, wheezing and tightness in the chest that is associated with upper respiratory infections and asthma.

Cupping for Cellulite available. Call for details.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a technique in which scraping is used to release muscle tension, stiffness and congestion.  Oil or liniment is applied to the skin and then it is scraped with repeated strokes with a smooth edged implement until a small red or purple spots appear.  These spots are referred to as sha and it will a take a few days for them resolve.