I booked my first appointment with Sarah at To The Point Acupuncture as an attempt to alleviate some very sore legs, knees, and lower back. I was three months into training for my first long distance bicycle tour and for the most part was feeling in the best shape of my life. With all the extra stress I was putting on my body (as well as working full time as a bartender) I was also feeling chronically sore, and my usual stretching routine was doing little to help outside of short term relief.
On a friend’s recommendation, I booked my first appointment for a massage and was immediately happy that I did. After our first session, I was already feeling the relief. In the week that followed I felt as though my limbs moved faster and more free than before. Not only was my training and recovery time more comfortable, but I was also enjoying work more. I felt faster and happier bouncing around and serving my customers.
After that initial session, Sarah recommended weekly sessions leading up to the bicycle tour to prevent injury, increase range of motion, and further eliminate any chronic issues.
Every session was unique and helpful. We would start by working on whatever any conditions that were still bothering me from last week and then move to any specific or acute issues that were affecting me that day. If one form of massage or therapy didn’t eliminate the problem, we would try something else. I felt like my her questioning and my feedback were an integral part of each session, and I really enjoyed the varied forms of therapy we would use. In one instance, we used cupping therapy and acupuncture to treat a deep tissue pain in my shoulder when normal massage wasn’t affecting any change. In another, she added a burning maxa stick to help reduce the swelling of an impact injury I suffered on my foot. She was even able to use acupuncture to treat my anxiety during a most stressful week!
In every instance, she was not only able to confidently and competently perform our treatment of choice, but she was also happy to explain the underlying cause and why the treatment could be effective as well as advising me on treating myself at home or on the road. I left each session not only feeling great, but also feeling a bit more educated about my own body.
I would highly recommend Sarah at To The Point Acupuncture to anyone seeking treatment for chronic or acute issues relating to work, sports, or even mental stresses... As long as they leave some room on the calendar for me when I get back!
— Peter
I recently had the privilege of receiving a massage from Sarah. I have seen numerous therapists in hope of connecting to one that could take care of back and shoulders that endure long days at the hair salon as I am a stylist. Before anything Sarah spent a generous but appropriate amount of time consulting with me about my previous experiences, problem areas, expectations, etc. We went into the service with a common understanding of what her objectives were and she continued throughout the appointment to check in with my comfort level to determine the best way to target my needs during our session. I had a stellar experience with Sarah and I wish to continue seeing her for services. Her professionalism and passion for the line of work make her stand out from past experiences. I was impressed by her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology which she didn’t hang over my head but explained her techniques in a way of educating me. Thank you Sarah!
— Tammy Nicole
I have try many massage therapist and acupuncturist, but Sarah has by far been the most educated, detail, and focus oriented towards my injuries. She explain and put direct focus on all the issues with my body and her practice has done miracles towards my healing process. I highly recommend her practice if you are someone that is looking to heal and see progress in their bodies. Her great attitude and connection with her practice is definitely something that I was seeking in a healer for a long time.
— Arual Sahagun
5 STARS. I have been receiving massages from Sarah for over 3 years and I can confidently say she is definitely the best masseuses I’ve ever met! I had gone to several places before I met her and her techniques are top of the line! She really knows how to target pain spots and soothe the muscle that is causing me pain. I have carpal tunnel and she even helps alleviate that! My muscles are pretty tense so she also does cupping with me!
Additionally, I started receiving acupuncture treatment from her. I have severe digestive problems which also affects my energy level and sleep. I have found relief from the acupuncture as well as the herbs she has prescribed for me.
Sarah is NOT a jack of all trades, she has Mastered the art of massage, acupuncture, herbs and cupping. She really takes time to get to know you and find the underlying reason for your problems. I have recommended her to several people who have raved about her work as well.
I highly recommend you make a positive change for your health and book an appointment with her. Lastly, the price she charges is extremely reasonable — her skill set allows her to charge way more but she’s in it to help people, not make money.
— Julia Romero
Sarah has been amazing in helping me on my road to recovery. Sarah has addressed several back issues with massage and acupuncture and the results have been amazing. My hip flexors have always been and issue and she has helped me with new exercises and stretches to help me unlock them. She is always ready with new advice and tips to help me out. I look forward to continuing her services and the health benefits as a result.
— Jeton Prince
Sarah is very good at what she does! I experience constant migraines with tension in my upper neck on a day to day basis. I went to her for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Sarah made my experience very comfortable and I was not scared at all ( I have never tried acupuncture or cupping before) She may look little, but man does she have strength in her hands, hands down one of the best deep tissue massages I have never experimented with acupuncture or cupping before, but with her background, I felt totally comfortable. Cupping was honestly my favorite, despite the looks of the aftermath. I recommend To The Point Acupuncture to my friends and family and have Sarah relieve all your pain!
— Samantha Eastburn